The Love Hangover 2021

I was so happy to participate in this year’s Love Hangover. In normal times, the show happens in multiple cities and people sing duets. I’ve done the New York show many times with Benjamin Cartel and also with founder, Richard Alwyn Fisher.

This year, I covered a beautiful Mary Margaret O’Hara song called The Cry of Man. The lyrics were written by “hobo poet,” Harry Kemp. I filmed it on my phone in my living room (see above high-tech screenshot). I wish I had a better AV situation…There are many illustrious performers in this year’s show including Lloyd Cole, Michael Cerveris and many lovely (and illustrious) friends including Claudia Chopek, Renee LoBue, Verena Wiesendanger, Kendall Meade, Susan Hwang, Dave Derby, Charlie Nieland and of course the hosts Gary Burton and Richard Alwyn Fisher.

You can watch it here until April 1st (and here after April 1st). My song is about 48 minutes into the Blue Chapter (there are 3 chapters, all very good!). It’s free but any donations will go to a  great mental health organization called Sounds of Saving.