The Big Takeover

Thanks to The Big Takeover for premiering the video for my song Edge of Something. The video was directed by my talented friend Deborah Magocsi, with visual effects by Tom Bayne, special help from Jason Boyd, turtle footage by Zoe Serafinowicz & Soraya Limare, beach footage I’ve shot in Ireland over the years,  and it features the acting talents of my pal Benjamin Cartel. We shot it at Riis Beach last May and also at the original Hanks Saloon sometime last spring.

You can read the article about the inspiration behind the song and watch the video here. 

March 19th I’ll be participating in the Bushwick Book Club show at Barb├Ęs. We’re all writing songs inspred by Zadie Smith’s White Teeth.

And then March 25th, I’m singing with Jim Andralis and the Syntonics at Joe’s Pub. I love singing with these people. Tickets available here!