Record Release Show/ Rockwood 3/ June 28th

The record release show for my new album, The Fastness, is happening on June 28th at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 at 8:30. Tickets are available here!

The Fastness is made up of 10 new songs written by me. It features Kirk Schoenherr on guitar, John Kenlga on bass, Rob Heath on drums, me on singing and harmonium and Susan Hwang, Leslie Graves and Julie DeLano on harmonies.  It was produced and engineered by Joe Rogers, mastered by Charlie Nieland with album design by Scott MX Turner. I’m happy with it. Come celebrate with us on June 28th at Rockwood. 

You can buy a physical CD here or download the album here.

I took the album cover photo in Iceland last summer from a whale-watching boat just outside of Reykjavik Harbor.

The term ‘the fastness’ was introduced to me by my friend, playwright and songwriter, Hywel John.  It means, ” a secure refuge, especially a place well protected by natural features.” At the time he mentioned it, I was in the middle of nowhere in Ireland writing some new songs and the idea of a fastness appealed to me (still does) and worked its way into some of these songs.

You can read great reviews of the album in New York Music Daily and Goldmine Magazine. And you can read another nice review and listen to the first track off the album, The Master, here on Celeb Mix.

Anyway, would love to see you on June 28th at Rockwood Music Hall. 

I just got back from a fantastic trip to Los Angeles. I was there for the 2nd Bushwick Book Club show in celebration of Jonathan Ames’ brilliant, new book, You Were Never Really Here. Read it! And then see the movie. Here are a couple pictures from the LA show.