On January 16th, I’ll be participating in the Bushwick Book Club show in New Orleans! We’ll each be performing one song we wrote inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos and a couple of others inspired by books of our choosing.

I’ll also be singing a few songs with Charlie Nieland and Susan Hwang at the Circle Bar in New Orleans on January 17th at 10pm. Come along!

     Picture from the holiday party/show I put together at Mirror in the Woods in December.

I’m singing at the Bushwick Book Club’s 10th anniversary show at Mirror in the Woods in Brooklyn on January 24th. We’ll all be writing songs inspired by Vonnegut’s Slapstick.

On February 15th, I’ll be singing at the Love Hangover’s 20th Anniversary Show at Bowery Electric. I’m singing a couple duets (by Nick Cave and the Replacements!!) with Love Hangover founder, Richard Alwyn Fisher. There are lots of great people on this bill – you can read about it here.

And then on February 18th, I’m putting together a night of music called 5 x 5 at Sid Gold’s Request Room! The concept is simple. 5 songwriters will each play 5 songs. Maybe some of us will collaborate. The songwriters are Gary Burton, Andi Rae Healy, Rembert Block, Sugar Lake City “Lite” (Verena Wiesendanger and Julian Maile) and me! As the show’s at Sid Gold’s, it’ll be followed by top-notch piano karaoke. Come for the originals, stay for the karaoke. Here’s a cool flyer by Scott MX Turner. Thanks Brassai for letting me borrow the photograph from the internet.