HiFi with Benjamin Cartel

Thank you New York Music Daily for the great review of our show with Karla Rose and the Thorns earlier this year at Hanks. You can read the review here, if you’re interested.

Tuesday, November 10th, my band (Jason Loughlin- guitar, John Kengla- bass and Mason Ingram – drums) is playing at HiFi in the East Village and sharing the bill with my talented friend, Benjamin Cartel and his awesome band. Show starts around 7:45. It’s free! Ben and I have prepared a top secret song to perform together. It’ll be fun.

HiFi with Benjamin Cartel












And then, Monday, the 16th, John Kengla and I will be performing a couple songs at an evening called Murder Ballad Mondays at the Branded Saloon. This night is organized by my friends from Bushwick Book Club, Elia Bisker and Jeff Morris (aka Charming Disaster). Lots of great people will be performing murder ballads both original and covers. I’m dusting off my harmonium for this show.

Hope to see you Tuesday at HiFi!


PS Here’s a great photo from the recent tour with Freddie Stevenson, taken in Milan by Rodolfo Sassano.

Freddie Band RS









Joe Chester, Freddie Stevenson and me.